Time for a kitchen makeover? We have compiled a list of some exclusive and creative decor ideas for you to use in your kitchen.

How To Realize That Long Pending Mega Kitchen Makeover

November 10, 2018ImperfectMummy

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Do you believe that it’s about time that you gave your kitchen that much-needed makeover? Has the hardware and paint all gotten worn out? Well, there are several kitchen decor ideas that you can incorporate to upgrade the space. We have compiled a list of some exclusive and creative decor ideas for you to use in your kitchen. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome once you have incorporated some or all of these ideas. Here’s everything you need to know:

Change The Kitchen Hardware

Most people don’t realise this but the first thing to get old and worn out in the kitchen is the hardware. The taps, handles and other hardware tend to get rusted or rickety and in some cases even start hanging off their hinges. You can start your kitchen remodel by replacing the hardware. New cabinet handles and brand new taps can be purchased from your local decor store. Do keep in mind to buy all the hardware in one colour scheme. Avoid mixing and matching chrome and bronze hardware.

Time for a kitchen makeover? We have compiled a list of some exclusive and creative decor ideas for you to use in your kitchen.


Get Creative When It Comes To The Walls

One effective way to upgrade your kitchen completely is by getting creative with the walls. There are numerous things that you can do to make the walls of your kitchen look fancy and fabulous. Let’s discuss some wall ideas that are worth incorporating:

  • Having a colourful and vibrant accent wall in the kitchen can transform the entire appeal of the space. You can paint the accent wall in a bright and captivating colour. Some colours that look great in the kitchen include cherry red, turquoise or cerulean blue, summer yellow, olive green and so on.
  • Getting a charming wallpaper for your kitchen can also be pretty effective. Nowadays, you get a plethora of unique and individualistic wallpapers. Wallpapers with motif patterns, geometric patterns, bold colours and other such options are ideal. If you don’t want to put a wallpaper on the walls, you can go one step ahead and stick the wallpaper to the ceiling of your kitchen.
  • Get an artist to paint a gorgeous natural scenery or an abstract art print on one or all of your kitchen walls. This will give the surroundings a creative and interesting appeal.


Install Artificial Landscaping Products In The Kitchen

Adding nature to your kitchen can give the space that much-needed upgrade. Who says that you need to have a green thumb? You can install artificial palm plants and trees around the space. If you wish to give your kitchen a tropical and summery vibe, artificial coconut tree options are just what you need. If your kitchen has a high ceiling, you can also opt for artificial banana palm tree options and so on. These faux landscaping products will give your kitchen that charming appeal. They are easy to maintain, affordably priced, easy to install, lightweight, long-lasting and durable too. You will not need to provide any maintenance to these artificial indoor trees and plants.


Allow Natural Light To Flow In

For someone who uses the kitchen regularly, a dark and dingy kitchen will only prove to be a mood killer. You can brighten up your kitchen by increasing the size of your windows. You will need to check with your architect if it’s structurally safe to widen the windows before you do so. Once the windows are widened, natural light will flow into your kitchen and make it look more spacious and roomier. When natural light flows into any place it also gives the surroundings a happier and more cheerful appeal.


Get Proper Lighting Options For The Kitchen

Having proper artificial lighting options for your kitchen is also absolutely necessary for a proper decor upgrade. You can opt for pendant lights, wall and ceiling lights, LED lights and so on. If you desire to give your kitchen a cafe like vibe, you can install string lights around the area. You need to make sure that you select the correct bulbs for your kitchen lights too. Excessively brights bulbs can further create heat in the already warm and humid kitchen. Dim lights in the kitchen are not advisable either because you can end up having an accident on your chopping board or adding the wrong spices to the food because of the dim lights.

Time for a kitchen makeover? We have compiled a list of some exclusive and creative decor ideas for you to use in your kitchen.


Go Wooden With The Flooring

Wood is makings major comeback. More and more people are opting for wooden floorboards for their kitchen. Light shades of wood are ideal for space. Tan wooden floorboards or light brown wooden floorboards are just what you need to give the surroundings a warm, homely and sophisticated appeal. If natural wood floorboards are out of your budget, you can always opt for faux wood floorboards that look unbelievably realistic.


Get Rid Of Cabinets And Opt For Open Shelves Instead

This idea is particularly helpful for people who have small-sized kitchens. Cabinets can be bulky and space consuming. A great way to make your kitchen look more spacious and roomy is by opting for open shelves to store all your pots and pans. You can even paint the shelves in a colour of your choice and one that blends well with the overall decor of your kitchen. Cabinets are slowly becoming a thing of the past and more and more people are avoiding the installation of the same in their kitchen.


Well, there you have it, an entire list of decor ideas that will transform your kitchen. Besides this above-mentioned information, you can also opt for an island table, hanging racks for utensils and cutlery and so on. These tips and suggestions are tried and tested and more and more people are using them and are left utterly impressed with the outcome. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get into action and start revamping and remodelling your kitchen. Make sure to tweak these ideas in a way that are better suited to your personal style and creativity quotient.

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