Golden Chicken Nuggets With No Nasties Tomato Sauce

Golden Chicken Nuggets With No Nasties Tomato Sauce

One of my boys favourite meals is chicken nuggets. It’s that one meal I can cook knowing they will eat and the one thing I know they will ask for if I give them the option. I’m pretty happy with that, chicken nuggets are easy to cook, got a bit of protein in and just […] Read more…

Banana Chocolate Marble Cake. I'm a big fan of the traditional banana bread and of course love love love choccie so the idea of combining the two was too hard to resist!

Banana Chocolate Marble Cake

I don’t know about you but my kids go through phases with their eating where they love something and can’t stop eating it then won’t eat it again for weeks. Bananas fall victim to this habit a lot so I often find my fruit bowl boasting brown softening bananas. I’m a big fan of the […] Read more…

All the bake me snacks mixes are made from organic ingredients and contain no added sugar. All except one is free of nuts (so perfect for school lunchboxes) and depending on how you make them a couple of them can either be egg free and/ or dairy free

Bake Me Snacks Review and Competition

Since having kids I have been a lot more conscious of what they are putting in their little tummies and the amount of junk that is in so much of the packaged and convenient foods. It has become clear that to ensure I know exactly what they are consuming I need to be making Read more…

Flo Saline Nasal Spray. I gave my eldest the first go and although a little apprehensive at first he gave his honker a good couple of squirts! Seeing the delight this gave him meant that my 2 year old couldn't get his turn quick enough and found the result a little surprising at first but equally as enjoyable as my eldest had! I never knew so much joy could be found from a nasal spray

Flo Kids Saline Nasal Spray Review

With the cold Weather about lately it seems everyone has been suffering from snotty noses, colds and for some of the really unlucky, the full on flu. My boys have been no exception. They don’t get ill very often but they both were a write off for a good week with horrible colds and temperatures. […] Read more…

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