Well, Hello! I’m so flattered that you’re here and keen to know more about me!

Imperfect Mummy. The place to find only realistic parenting informationOk, well since you asked, here are 7 fascinating facts… 😉

  • I was born in the UK, spent the first 20 years of my life there and am moving the whole family back in the beginning of 2019
  • I now live in Sydney with my Aussie hubby
  • I have a teenage step son, a 6 year old, 4 year old and 1 year old.
  • I am currently obsessed with Gossip Girl (10 years late, I know!)
  • I try my best to live as low tox as possible but it’s so bloody hard!
  • I LOVE food. Like, if I’m not eating then I’m at least thinking about what I can eat next.
  • I love a good game of Super Mario however my 6 year old is starting to beat me at it.

I created this blog as there seems to be so much pressure out in the world – whether it be on the web, through the millions of parenting books we think we need or from fellow parents – that we need to be perfect parents.

There were two moments for me that I felt I was completely failing as a Mother and the first was before my eldest was even born! I was reading an article about how you need to set up the nursery. It said that you need to have a basin within arms reach of the baby’s change table. I remember feeling devastated as we were in a rental and there was no way we could install a basin (not that we would have even if we owned the house!)

The next time was following one of the many times that I was struggling to get my eldest to sleep. I was reading a sleep book that explained that if a child doesn’t sleep properly then they are more likely to face drug and crime related issues when they are older. Seriously!!! I actually panicked that due to my in-capabilities my son was going to be a drug addicted criminal!

Being a Mother is damn hard. Growing up I never had dreams of any particular career. All that was important to me was finding a Hubby and having hundreds (or maybe just 2 or 3) children. I always thought that I would just give birth and it would all Mothering skills would come naturally. They didn’t of course. There was no manual and the perfect routines of waking at 7 am, having regular feeds and naps through out the day and then a nice relaxing bedtime that I read about in all the books just weren’t true. My son napped anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. He sometimes woke in the night 4 times, sometimes 14 times and feeds, my goodness – were each taking up to 2 hours each time!

Through this blog I want to create a place to be realistic about Motherhood and it’s difficulties and struggles in a positive way. Not a place to moan, judge or complain but more to just feel that by not getting it 100% right all the time your Children still stand a good chance or growing up into normal human beings.


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