Moving House – How To Prepare and Organise

Moving House - How To Prepare and Organise. Imperfect Mummy -he place to find only realistic parenting information.Moving house can be a stressful time for even the most organised of people and, done properly, should take at least a few weeks of preparation. In six months time, I’ll be making the move to a great new place, and will be dragging all of my treasured possessions with me. I am a little wary, however, as moving my whole life to a new place is such a daunting task!

To make the move seem a little easier and to give readers some inspiration when it comes to moving home properly, I’ve set out a brief timeline to make the seemingly monumental task a little less intimidating.

Twelve weeks before

At this point, you will likely be putting off anything to do with moving house, as it seems so far in the future. However, doing something about it now will make your life much easier in a few months time!

Start thinking about what items you would like to bring with you, and which you could do without. Donate or discard anything you don’t feel particularly attached to, particularly if you’re moving into a smaller place.

Now is also a good time to start looking into removalists. Look for positive reviews and get in touch with removalists themselves to find out how much they charge, how far they are willing to travel, and any other important information that will help when it comes to making your decision. Take your time on this task. With so many months to go you can afford to be choosy.

Moving House - How To Prepare and Organise. Imperfect Mummy -he place to find only realistic parenting information.

Six weeks before

Hopefully by this point you’ve discarded most of your surplus possessions. You can choose to either hire or buy boxes, if you don’t need to keep them after the move then you can save a little by hiring your moving boxes. Now is time to start sorting the administrative details associated with moving home, such as notifying schools of the move if you have kids or obtaining medical records from your family doctor. Boring stuff, but absolutely necessary!

Four weeks before

Start packing up non-essentials, so you’ll have a less monumental task nearer to the time. By this point, you should also have notified utility companies and your landlord if you’re a renter.

Moving House - How To Prepare and Organise. Imperfect Mummy -he place to find only realistic parenting information.

Two weeks before

Now is the time to really start co-ordinating and getting your stuff in order. Make sure you label everything to make your life easier once you’re in your new place, and make sure to clean everything thoroughly as you go along. If you are stressed and running behind schedule, considering using a professional packing company who can come in a day or two before the move to pack everything up into boxes.

On the big day

Congratulations on getting this far. Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag with essentials so you don’t have to unpack too many boxes on your first night in the new place. By this point, if you’ve followed the steps above, all that should be left to do is help your removalists get everything shifted and to wave goodbye to your former property.

This article was written in collaboration with Hire A Mover Sydney, a professional removalist company and Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn



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