Police Officer Shot Twice (With confronting Audio) – Real Life Story

October 17, 2017ImperfectMummy
Shot Twice - Real Life Story

This week I thought I would publish something a little different. This real life story is not Parenting related but so incredible I wanted to share it with you.

Check out this story by Police Officer Daryl Elliott Green who miraculously survived being shot twice!

I’m a police officer. I was sitting in my patrol car on 1 May 2000 at 3.50am investigating a routine job, death threats, which were spoken 14 Shot Twice - Real Life Storyhours earlier. Out of the darkness, a man rushed up to the open door of the patrol vehicle, pointed at my face from less than a meter a .22 rifle. He shot me in the head and in the shoulder. The first bullet smashed my maxillae bone, destroyed five teeth, deflect downwards, entered my tongue and lodged in the back of my throat. The hospital’s emergency trauma surgeon who took three hours to remove the bullet in my head said, ‘If the bullet was two inches higher, you would be dead!’

After I was shot however, my Adrenalin kicked in and I went into fight mode. I exited the patrol vehicle and searched for the gunman, not finding him, I searched for my Sergeant who was also shot but missing. I was unable to locate him. However two residents came into the street to see what was happening. I was able to distinguish they were not the offender and directed them back to their house. I returned to the patrol vehicle where my partner was. She was shot multiple times and immobilised by the bullets. I stood guard over her until backup arrived. For my actions on this night, I was awarded the Queensland Police Service’s highest accolade for brave – the Valour Award.

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The next decade was tumultuous. Two attempts to reconstruct my mouth, with the final procedure being carried out in 2007. I was treated for PTSD and was looking to start a new career, so whilst working full time as a police officer, I studied part time a master’s degree in finance, graduating in 2008, only for the Global Financial Crisis to scuttle this idea. I overcome my fear of confrontation and firearms, by challenging myself and successfully qualified as a police firearms instructor. I fought a ten-year battle from Criminal Compensation, with my success helped by a full-page newspaper article titled ‘Red Tap Ambush – Officer shot a decade ago still waiting for compo’. Over this decade I was subsequently prompted three further times rising to the rank of Senior Sergeant.

Shot Twice - Real Life Story

Audio of the shooting taking place was recorded and my father took photographs to share with family what he and mum, were supporting me through (he could not explain it in words to the family the effect of the operations to reconstruct my mouth, as they were so horrific).

I now speak professionally on the incident and use 2D graphics to explain how the shooting unfolded and 3D graphics to step people through the two reconstructions over several years.

You can listen to the actual audio of the audio here. Please note, it is confronting.


If you are interested in finding out more you can check out Daryl’s Website here.

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