An honest review of the Nutribuddy Whole Food Shake from the perspective of a busy Mum

Nutribuddy Review

May 13, 2019ImperfectMummy

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An honest review of the Nutribuddy Whole Food Shake from the perspective of a busy MumNews Flash – Being a Mum to 3 is hectic! So hectic that a lot of things get forgotten on a daily basis.  Not only can this involve appointments, my children’s names or what our address is but also to eat whole meals. The easiest meal to forget (or just not have time for) is breakfast. In an ideal world I would come down the stairs each morning to find a warm plate of smoked salmon and poached eggs with some spinach and Hollondaise sauce but as that is yet to happen I have to instead find something that is quick, easy but still nutritious. I have tried countless cereals, am not a fan of toast and quickly get bored with porridge so was starting to think I was running out of options. That was until I was give the opportunity to try Nutribuddy.


Nutribuddy is an oat based whole food shake. All you have to do to prepare it is add 4 scoops of Nutribuddy to some milk of your choice, give it a shake and it’s ready to drink. All the Nutribuddy products are vegan and cruelty free plus organic wherever possible. I chose to try the Vanilla Shake, primarily made up with oats it is then sweetened with Coconut Nectar Sugar. It is also protein rich and each tub contains 14 servings. This shake doesn’t have the typical thick creaminess you might associate with a shake but instead, a coarser texture. Don’t let this put you off, it’s not something I would normally go for but I actually didn’t mind it. To make up the shake you need to add 400 ml of milk meaning the shake is quite large, again not a bad thing, however it isn’t something I can quickly down in one go. Instead I grabbed one of the bottles off the Nutibuddy site and made it in that meaning I could then drink it on the go. If doing this you just need to remember to keep giving it a little shake as some of the ingredients tend to settle on the bottom.

An honest review of the Nutribuddy Whole Food Shake from the perspective of a busy Mum



The main factors I look for in a meal replacement shake are:

Is it tasty?

Is it easy to prepare?

Does it require few ingredients?

Is it healthy?

Is it cost effective?

Does it fill me up and not leave me still hungry and wanting more?

Luckily for Nutribuddy it ticks all those points so for me is a winner! If you want to grab your own Nutribuddy then just head over to


Have you tried a Nutribuddy shake? What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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