These simple but fun tips will make chores more fun and enjoyable. Plus create interactive family time with your kids.

Make Chores More Fun For Your Kids.

August 26, 2019ImperfectMummy
These simple but fun tips will make chores more fun and enjoyable. Plus create interactive family time with your kids.

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Are you getting tired of asking your kids, “Did you do your chores yet?” all the time? Well, one thing is for sure – you’re not alone. Every parent out there can relate.

The thing about chores is that they’re often viewed as something negative – tiring, tedious, not fun. However, research also found out that chores help set children up for success in life. So you see, you’ve got one more good reason to encourage your kids to help around the house.

Knowing kids, they love it when others can also see they’ve accomplished something. It makes them feel proud and special. That said, a digital chore chart for kids would be a great way to make tasks more interesting.

You can download and share these modern chore charts with the members of your family, and they can simply tick the duties they’ve finished. It also makes task delegation and setting up a rewards system easier for parents!

If you’re still looking for more ways on how to make chores more fun for your children, try a few or all of these:

Turn tasks into a sport or a competition.

This is a great idea, especially if you have two or more kids at home, but a game of one-on-one with your child should be just as fun. Kids are always on for some competition. They love winning – but then again, who doesn’t?

One cleaning sport that kids would enjoy is Hamper Basketball. You and your little ones can pick up clothes and toss them into the hamper from different parts of the room. You can even set up a points-system depending on how far you were from the “hoop.” Of course, the one with the most points wins.

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Sing and dance to your favourite happy tunes.

If you want an easy way to make cleaning a lot less dull, then put on some feel-good music and crank it up. Something as simple as an upbeat song can lift your mood and change the vibe in the room.

Let yourselves get carried away by the music as you clean, mop, or wash the dishes. Sing, dance, use the broom as a microphone or vacuum with style. Before you know it, it’s mission accomplished for you guys!

These simple but fun tips will make chores more fun and enjoyable. Plus create interactive family time with your kids.

Rotate chores or switch them up regularly.

Chore charts are a lot of help when it comes to structuring chores. However, it can become too routine and lose its novelty if you don’t change things up from time to time.

Rotating the tasks in the chore chart so that your kids perform different jobs each week keeps the boredom and disengagement at bay.

Also, consider getting your kids involved in the weekly chore-planning activity. It will give them some sense of ownership of the process and make them look forward to being a part of it.


Tell a story or play make-believe.

This is an excellent way to deal with mindless, monotonous chores. And you know exactly the kind of chores we’re talking about here.

Repetitious but time-consuming tasks like folding the laundry or washing the dishes are a great opportunity to tell your kids stories or have them tell you one.

Make-believe scenarios, on the other and, can turn any boring task into play. Pretend you’re in a minefield while picking up toys or imagine you’re up soaring in the clouds while making the bed – the possibilities are endless.


Make sure to thank and tell them they did a good job.

Reinforcement is essential. Your kids need to hear that they did well and accomplished something of value. Always let your kids know you see and recognize their efforts, no matter how small. Just like adults, they’d appreciate a “thank you.”

Do you have any ideas to make chores more fun? Share in the comments below!

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