How to Get To School On Time With 3 Kids

How to Get To School On Time With 3 Kids. For more Realistic Parenting visit Imperfectmummy.comPlease note, this post may contain affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, it will help keep this site up and running!

How to Get To School On Time With 3 Kids. For more Realistic Parenting visit
The birth of my 3rd child, Hudson, came 6 weeks before the eldest, Isaiah, started school. When I found out I was pregnant with Hudson and thought to the future I did feel a little panicky about how I was going to get Isaiah to school on time each day. I knew the first week would be OK as it was new and exciting and it’s easy to be that bit more organised for something new. However, I was worried that as time went on and the novelty of school wore off for us all, plus Hudson got bigger and less sleepy, that it would get harder.

We are now half way through the year and after I dropped Isaiah off at school this morning I said to Flinn (my 3 year old) that I couldn’t believe how many kids are late every morning. It particularly surprises me how well we do knowing how slow I can be in the mornings not to mention the other 3!

So this got me thinking, how do I do it? After thinking long and hard I have made a list that I thought I would share. Don’t get too excited, there is nothing ground breaking in here but it seems that if you can apply these simple steps it should help you get out the door in time! Also, to be up front, this is based on me getting up at 7:15 and we leave the house at 8:30, so we have just over an hour. I shower each morning (don’t always wash my hair, thank goodness for the Mum Bun!), have brekkie each morning and most mornings end up yelling to at least one of the boys at some point.

How to Get To School On Time With 3 Kids

Have school bag ready to go – As soon as we get home from school in the afternoon I empty Isaiahs school bag and hang it on it’s allocated hook in his bedroom. This way it doesn’t get forgotten in the car or buried under clothes on the bedroom floor.

Get uniform and other kids clothes out the night before – I don’t always do this but it is still a good one. Getting their clothes ready the night before means that not only are they ready to be put on but you also know for sure that everything is clean and washed.

Make Lunch the night before – this was a big game changer for me. After the boys are in bed I just want to flop on to the sofa for some Netflix binging but I have found making the lunch the night before takes me half the time than if I do it in the morning.

How to Get To School On Time With 3 Kids. For more Realistic Parenting visit

Be time efficient. eg, have them eating breakfast while you get dressed  – before you go for your shower, gets dressed or get the baby dressed. Think about what the other kids could be doing while you do that. Could they be eating their breakfast? If so, get that ready first. Or could they be putting on the clothes you got ready the night before?!

Put the kids shoes on while getting them dressed, not before you leave the house – ok, this sounds simple but I reckon easily saves up a good 5-10 minutes each morning. Putting their shoes on straight away after their clothes means that they are already in front of you, if you cant find a shoe you still have time to look and is just 1 less thing to think about for the rest of the morning.


Set a few chores/ tasks for the kids to do to help you out – don’t let them just sit there. Getting them to help with just simple tasks such as clearing the breakfast table, looking for lost shoes or brushing their own hair can save a tonne of time.

Plan to leave 5/10 minutes before you actually need to – I use this trick every time I am going out with kids. If you need to leave at half past then tell yourself (and the kids) that you actually need to leave at 20 past. Aim for this new time and if you make then well done you!

How to Get To School On Time With 3 Kids. For more Realistic Parenting visit Imperfectmummy.comConsider the amount of time it takes to get in the car – I ALWAYS underestimate how long it will take my boys to get in the car. There is always a bird to look at, a toy to find under one of the seats or like this morning, a fall into a muddy puddle resulting in a whole outfit change :/

Walking to school? Have the pram/ bikes ready to go the night before and don’t forget helmets!

Prioritise. For example, can the cleaning up of breakfast wait until you get home again? We don’t have a dishwasher so I have to wash everything by hand and I hate coming home to a pile of dirty dishes however, it’s not the end of the world so I leave this job until last in the morning and if I get it done great, if not then no worries.

Do you have any awesome tips for how to get to school on time? Share in the comments below!


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