Why I Use Young Living Essential Oils & How To Get Wholesale Prices

When choosing to live more Naturally and with less Chemicals, you will quickly discover that Essential Oils can help in so many areas of yours and your family’s life. Their benefits are endless. Certain oils can help mentally, emotionally, physically, can be used in cooking and can also to make household cleaning products!

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the oils of a plant, tree, shrub or herb that are extracted by a careful process of steam distillation or cold pressing. They are far more powerful than dried herbs and their benefits can be felt simply by lightly inhaling them.

How To Choose Which Brand Of Essential Oils To Purchase.

The very first thing you need to know about Essential Oils is that there are a large amount of synthetic oils on the market. These oils have been altered, or engineered with chemicals and or solvents. When choosing what brand you would like to use you need to know that they adhere to strict quality and testing standards.

You want to make sure that you are buying 100% pure essential oils.  The only way to know this is by doing a little research. (Don’t simply trust what is printed on the label) I use Young Living Essential Oils as they have a “Seed to Seal” promise which means the oil is not altered in any way between extraction to being bottled. They are a very transparent company and I love that they also have a sustainable compliance program. You can learn more about who they are and their strict standards in this video.


How Do I Get Wholesale Prices?

Once you discover the world of Essential Oils it can be a little addictive! Young Living understand this and help by offering Wholesale prices to it’s members. Don’t panic – there are no commitments or minimum purchases however, you will need to purchase one of the Young Living Starter Kits within 30 days. (Don’t want to? See below!) The starter kits cost as little as $59 and there are an number to choose from depending on your budget and needs.

I strongly recommend the Premium Starter Kit as it includes some of the most commonly used Essential Oils as well as a choice of diffuser.


Don’t want to buy a Starter Kit?

If you don’t want to purchase a starter kit you can simply sign up as a retail customer. This is more suited to anyone wanting to just occasionally buy an oil or product. You won’t get wholesale prices this way.


Benefits of becoming a Young Living Customer:

  • 24% off retail prices (Members Only)
  • The knowledge that you are buying 100% pure Essential oils of the highest standard
  • Access to the benefits and convenience of Essential Rewards  (Members Only)
  • Access to a supportive Facebook group of over 850 members where you are welcome to ask ANY questions.
  • Free products with eligible orders
  • Complete support from me in regards to your Essential Oils

You want to make sure that you're buying 100% pure essential oils.  You need to do some research. They are a very transparent company and I love that they also have a sustainable compliance program.


So, you decided??

Click here to learn more and sign up!



Still got questions? You are welcome to email me any questions at rebecca@imperfectmummy.com


Offers on this page are only valid for those who do not already have an existing wholesale account with Young Living.