Are the Chemicals In Our Carpets Poisoning Our Kids?

Are you aware of what the chemicals in our carpets could be doing do our families health? Find out what could be in them and how you can limit them.Please note, this post may contain affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, it will help keep this site up and running!

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From the day I bought each of my 3 boys home I would often lay them on a play mat on the floor. As they got older they were of course sitting, crawling and rolling around all over the floor, off the play mat and on to the carpet. At the moment Hudson has got his own bum shuffle/ crawl thing happening and so is down on the carpet for the best part of his day.

Since he was born I have been very conscious about minimising the toxic load on his body as much as possible. This is easy to do in terms of washing his clothes in a sensitive washing powder, keeping him away from unnecessary pollutants and buying natural nappies and bath products but what has been concerning me lately are the chemicals in our carpets.

Are you aware of what the chemicals in our carpets could be doing do our families health? Find out what could be in them and how you can limit them.

We rent our house and so were unable to replace our carpets when we moved in and I reckon they haven’t been replaced since the house was built in the 50’s!!!  For all we know the tenants before us were smokers and/ or had pets so this would certainly contribute to the chemicals in our carpets.

I decided to look into this further and wanted to share with you what I found.

Harmful Chemicals In Our Carpets

Stain repellents

Can cause reproductive and neurological harm

Cigarette smoke

Cancer causing chemicals and asthma

Flame Retardants

Possible human carcinogen, can also cause reproductive and neurological harm

Pet hair



Asthma plus other log term, possibly serious breathing difficulties.

Other Chemicals In Our Carpets To Consider:

General Outdoor Chemicals bought in on the bottom of your shoes

Drug Residue

Bodily Fluids


So what can we do to limit the chemicals in our carpets?

The first is the most obvious and effective and that is to call in the carpet cleaners!

If you are renting then it is quite likely this would have been done as the last tenants moved out but if like us you have lived in your place for a little while you may want to consider getting it done again.

Keep doors and windows open as much as possible.

Get that fresh air inside to at least counteract the chemicals.

Leave shoes at the front door.

Limit the amount of chemicals coming in in the first place

Clean up spills straight away.

Of course you want to be doing this anyway but cleaning them up asap will help reduce any mould growing.

Put Down Rugs.

So this won’t actually reduce the chemicals in our carpets but it will at least create a barrier between your little one and the carpet. Even better is to opt for rugs made from natural fibres.


Do you have any tips for reducing the chemicals in our carpets? Share below!




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