Back to School With Smiggle

Back to School With Smiggle

I have often enjoyed browsing the shop window of Smiggle as I walk past but until recently haven’t really stopped in. However now my eldest is of School age, I think it will be a regular stop on each of our shopping trips.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of a browse around a Smiggle store then what you are missing out on is fun and creative stationary and accessories that will brighten up the desk of any age. Start thinking of scented pencils, diy talking pillows or sequin iphone covers.

My 5 year old, Isaiah was lucky enough to be gifted some pretty cool Smiggle goodies to get him ready for his upcoming start to school and so I wanted to share with you what we thought.


By the way, make sure you scroll right down to the bottom for your chance to get your hands on your own bundle of Smiggle fun!

I love the idea of a hardtop pencil case to help protect your pencil lead from breaking too much. The pencil case is small but this would be ideal for the younger school child who only needs a few different items in there. The designs are fun and although it says scented, it is very subtle.

The zip is chunky enough for little hands not to struggle with and Isaiah loved allocating his scissors and pencils in to each compartment and pen slot.

I love the bright colour of this 600ml bottle meaning he can easily spot his own bottle and it is of course BPA free. Out of all the Smiggle goodies he received Isaiah was oddly most excited about this! Apparently what he likes most is the flip top spout. Maybe it is so favoured as it means it doesn’t need a lid like his old water bottle?!

Who can resist their water bottle matching their note book!? 😉

At Isaiah’s age he isn’t taking many notes but this exercise book is a great introduction to scribbling some thoughts. Plus, it fits perfectly in the above mentioned pencil case.

At 5 years old owning your own pair of scissors is pretty grown up and exciting. These are the perfect size for little hands and also come with a safety case.

Colour changing stuff still impresses and excites me so of course Isaiah loved these. The change is subtle but the hotter and more friction they get the more the colour changes.

With 9 different colours you have plenty to choose from and I love that these are erasable. I guess the only down side is that at 28cm long it is too long to fit in a pencil case.

What is your favourite Smiggle goodie?



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