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3 Cool Newborn Products You Probably Haven’t Heard Of.

February 12, 2018ImperfectMummy
3 Cool Newborn Products You Probably Haven't Heard Of By Imperfect Mummy.

By the time you have your third baby you think you know of all the cool newborn products there are out there to buy for Mum and Bub. Of course this is not true!

There are always new ways people are thinking up to make life as a new Mum easier. I was lucky enough to be gifted some items to test run for you and wanted to show you 2 of my favourites plus one I discovered myself!

The first is by Sleepy Bub.

Newborns loved to be swaddled. It makes them feel safe, secure and almost like they are still in the womb. It also stops them flinging their arms around with the startle reflex! There are many beautiful muslins and wraps available however Sydney based Mum Eileen from Sleepy Bub, has though of an even easier (and kinda cuter!) way to wrap your little bundle.

3 Cool Newborn Products You Probably Haven't Heard Of By Imperfect Mummy.

The Sleepy Bub’s come in 2 variations – a Sleeping Bag or Romper. What makes it different is the fact that you can zip down the arms! This then creates the feeling of being swaddled but without a big wrap. You have the option of having one or both arms unzipped when baby is awake so they can be worn just like normal rompers or sleeping bags. The 0.35 Tog material is stretchy so there is a little bit of wriggle room but not enough for bub to be woken by the startle reflex. They also feature the roll over sleeves to keep their little hands warm.

I found this product to be most beneficial on those days when you are out and about. Its much easier to zip down baby’s arms than try and wrap them when all you have to lie them in is the pram. It’s also great for any baby’s who are thumb suckers as you can just zip the one arm down and leave the other one for them to be able to reach their mouth.

The Sleepybub proucts are available is 2 gorgeous gender neutral designs and available on the SleepyBub website.

3 Cool Newborn Products You Probably Haven't Heard Of By Imperfect Mummy.

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Next up is the Breastvest.

Have you ever needed to breastfed in public and realised the only way to get your boobs out is to hoick up your top and expose your post baby tummy? It’s not a great feeling and one you don’t need to experience anymore if you get your hands on a Breastvest. This simple yet clever piece of clothing is essentially a Singlet that covers your tummy but not your boobs and is worn under your normal top. When it’s time to feed you just lift up your top as normal and your tummy stays covered.

3 Cool Newborn Products You Probably Haven't Heard Of By Imperfect Mummy.

I love that with this extra piece of clothing you are not so restricted with what you can wear when out and about. It is comfortable to wear, the only downside I found was that with it being Summer it was sometimes too hot to wear two layers but it would be perfect in Winter or on cooler days.

To find out more and to buy head over to the Apikali site.

The last of my cool newborn products is Weleda Nappy Change Cream.

With my last two babies I have always slathered on the Sudocrem at every change however this time I wanted something a bit nicer and more natural. My sister had been raving about the Weleda Nappy Change cream and being a fan of Weleda already I decided to give it a go.

At only 5 weeks old Hudson had already suffered a few nappy rashes that were hard to get rid of. I had my doubts that this cream would clear up the existing rashes but instead would just be used to prevent further rashes appearing. However, I was very wrong!  I saw an instant improvement when I started using the cream and in the 3 weeks I have been using the cream Hudsons bottom has stayed 100% rash free!

The cream is created with skin-friendly Lanolin, Zinc oxide, Almond oil, Calendula and Chamomile and creates a natural barrier to moisture. It is also GMO & Cruelty Free, Gluten free, Certified Fair Trade and packaged in recyclable tube. I’m obviously not the only one who loves it as it has 4.9 stars on the Nourished Life Website.

3 Cool Newborn Products You Probably Haven't Heard Of By Imperfect Mummy.

Do you have any cool newborn products you have discovered? Share in the comments below!

Comments (2)

  • Aurora P.

    March 27, 2018 at 11:47 pm

    I’m always on the hunt for cool newborn products and I have to admit this is the first time I’m hearing about all these. The Breastvest sounds very practical and comfortable; I still didn’t find the best approach when it comes to nursing in public.

    1. ImperfectMummy

      March 28, 2018 at 10:15 am

      Yes, it’s awesome. Definitely made it a bit easier to feed bub in public! x

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