25 of my favourite Easy, Convenient and Healthy Snacks

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Healthy SnacksI don’t know about you but the part I find the hardest when it comes to eating clean is finding healthy snacks that are nutritious yet still yummy and satisfying.

25 of my favourite Easy, Convenient and Healthy Snacks

Without a variety of delicious healthy snacks at hand it is way too easy to reach to the “naughty cupboard” and then feel disgusted with yourself after.

Here I have put together a list of my 25 top healthy snacks:

  1. Unsalted whole Almonds (15)
  2. Fresh Mango Chunks
  3. Baked Apple Chips
  4. Cashew Nuts (10)
  5. Apple slices with a nut butter.
  6. Vegetable sticks with dip of choice
  7. Capsicum slices
  8. Sultanas (33g)
  9. Mixed fruit skewer
  10. Cracker topped with a nut butter
  11. Dried Figs (3 or 4)
  12. Protein Shake
  13. Natural Yogurt (small tub)
  14. Smoked salmon (on a cracker)
  15. Rice Cakes (brown rice)
  16. Can of tuna
  17. Carrot stick
  18. Avocado on a cracker
  19. Cherry Tomatoes
  20. Fruit Smoothie
  21. Boiled Egg
  22. Coconut Yogurt
  23. DIY fruit roll ups
  24. Fresh grapes
  25. Dried Apricots (7)

Just remember, dried fruit has a high sugar content so make sure you treat it as an occasional snack. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger so if you are not sure have a glass of water first and see if that helps.

Hope this gives you some fresh ideas! Would love to hear some other suggestions – please leave a comment below.

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Please note. This post may contain Affiliate Links. However, if it does please remember I would only recommend something I truly love and/ or believe in myself!

25 Healthy, easy, homemade snack ideas

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